Mares Air Control Octo

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Revolutionise Your Diving Experience with Mares Air Control Octo 🐠

Dive into a new era of underwater exploration with Mares Air Control Octo! This state-of-the-art product combines the functions of an octopus and inflator in a single hose, bringing convenience and functionality to your fingertips. Its ergonomic shape and pre-oriented mouthpiece ensure ease of use, enabling you to focus on the joy of diving!

  • The Evolution: Usher in a new wave of diving convenience with the Mares Air Control Octo. Experience the future of diving equipment today! 🌊

  • Combine Hose for Octopus and Inflator: Simplify your diving gear! The innovative design allows the same hose to function as both an octopus and inflator, reducing clutter and enhancing your diving experience.

  • Ergonomic Shape: The Mares Air Control Octo is designed for comfort and ease of use. Its shape enables one-handed operation, allowing you to effortlessly control your buoyancy and air supply.

  • Pre-Oriented Mouthpiece: No need for adjustments mid-dive. The pre-oriented mouthpiece ensures quick and easy access to your octopus when you need it.

  • Mesh Grid System Cover: The soft material cover features the Mesh Grid system, making the purge button easy to push even when wearing gloves. Never struggle with gear controls underwater again!

  • EC Standards Compliance & Adaptability: Mares Air Control Octo complies with all EC standards and comes with special adaptors for easy assembly on all BCs. It's designed for divers worldwide!

Feel the thrill of an efficient, easy-to-use diving system with the Mares Air Control Octo. With its unique combination of octopus and inflator, ergonomic design, and pre-oriented mouthpiece, it offers the perfect blend of functionality and convenience.

Dive into your next adventure with the Mares Air Control Octo today!