Mares Abyss Octo

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Dive Deeper with Confidence with the Mares Abyss Octo 🌊

Experience a truly immersive and reliable diving experience with the Mares Abyss Octo! This heavy-duty octopus is designed for demanding dives, featuring a nickel and chrome-plated brass case and all-metal construction for top-notch performance. The Abyss Octo perfectly complements the All Metal regulator line, bringing durability and dependability to your diving expeditions.

  • All Metal Construction: Engineered to withstand the most challenging diving conditions, the Abyss Octo's all-metal construction ensures outstanding performance and longevity. Dive deeper with confidence! 🏅

  • Heavy-Duty Octopus for Demanding Dives: The Abyss Octo is specifically designed for tough underwater adventures. Its robust construction promises maximum dependability during your most demanding dives.

  • Nickel and Chrome-Plated Brass Case: The hardwearing case provides added durability and protection for your octopus. Plus, it looks great!

  • Perfect Match with All Metal Regulator Line: Seamlessly integrate the Abyss Octo with your current All Metal regulator line. It's compatibility at its best!

  • Innovative Front Cover with Metal Insert and Mesh Grid: This advanced design feature, coupled with a new hose protector, promotes better heat exchange for improved performance.

  • Nitrox Ready: Safe for use with Nitrox, this octopus is versatile and adaptable to a wide range of diving conditions.

Indulge in the comfort and reliability that the Mares Abyss Octo offers. Whether you're an adventurous diver pushing limits or a leisure diver wanting reassurance in durability, this heavy-duty, all-metal octopus won't let you down.

Don't wait, elevate your diving experience with the Mares Abyss Octo today!