Garmin Descent T2 Transceiver

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🌊 The Descent™ T2 Transceiver: Revolutionising Air Integration for Divers! 🌊

Welcome to the future of diving with the Descent™ T2 Transceiver - Every breath, every tank, every buddy on your dive — track them all on your wrist when you pair the Descent T2 transceiver with your compatible air-integrated Descent dive computer1.

Enhanced SubWave sonar technology lets you monitor up to 8 tanks when under water — viewing air pressure, depth, use rate and time remaining — for multiple types of diving. Plus, you can even communicate via preformatted messages (coming soon) with other networked buddies wearing their Descent Mk3i dive computers.

Turn the Tides with Descent™ T2's Incredible Features:

  • Deep Dive Rated: Connect the Descent™ T1 transceiver and Get tank pressure, air time remaining, air consumption rate and battery remaining — all sent directly to your paired air-integrated Descent dive computer1. 🌬️⌚

  • See Your Buddy's Air Levels: See your dive buddies' tank pressures and depths at a glance. Pair up to 8 transceivers on your group’s tanks with each compatible air-integrated dive computer1 within a range of up to 10 meters. 👥🐠

  • Be in The Know: Get real-time updates on tank pressure, remaining air time, air consumption rate, and battery life, all sent directly to your paired Descent dive computer. Knowledge is power, especially underwater! 🌊📊

  • Dive in Tandem: You can pair up to 5 transmitters with each compatible dive computer within a range of up to 10 metres. Dive as a team, exploring the aquatic world together!  

1 Additional equipment (sold separately) and device pairing required.