Garmin Descent Mk3i - 43 mm (Carbon grey DLC Titanium with Black Band)

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🌊 Descent MK3i Titanium: Dive and Live in Unmatched Style and Capability 🌊

Meet the Descent™ Mk3i Carbon grey DLC titanium with black silicone band. Featuring SubWave™ sonar-based communication and diver monitoring, this advanced, air-integrated¹ dive computer and smartwatch comes with Garmin innovations to help prepare you to make the most of your diving experience — plus multisport training and smart features for your active life out of the water.

Immerse in the Exciting Features of the Descent MK3i Carbon grey DLC titanium:

  • Air Integration: Easily Pair with our Descent™ T2 transceivers (sold separately) for integrated pressure monitoring on up to 8 tanks via the SubWave sonar data network. 🌊🐠

  • SubWave Sonar Networking: Exchange preset diver-to-diver messages (coming soon) up to 30 meters as well as monitor tank pressures and depth for up to 8 divers within a range of 10 metres. 📡💦

  • Diverse Dive Modes: Get multiple dive modes for single and multiple gas dives (including nitrox and trimix), gauge, apnea, apnea hunt and closed-circuit rebreather. 🏊‍♂️🌐

  • Dive Readiness Tool: This Garmin first technology shows how lifestyle factors such as sleep, exercise, stress and jet lag can affect your body — to help gauge when you are best prepared to dive. 🛠️📊

  • Diveview Maps: Colour maps on your wrist offer bathymetric depth contours and more than 4,000 dive sites to help you discover new places to dive and get oriented. 🛰️📍

  • Dive Log: Store and review up to 200 dives and share them via the Garmin Dive app. Relive your underwater adventures anytime and share them with your friends! 📖📲

  • inReach® Compatible: Pair with inReach satellite communicators (3) and the inReach dive case for seamless, reliable communication. Never compromise on safety, even in the deepest depths. 🛰️🔁

With a quality design that features a large, sunlight-readable 1.4-inch colour display and a stylish titanium bezel, the Descent MK3i - 43 mm (Carbon grey DLC Titanium with Black Band) is more than a piece of tech; it's a statement. Embrace the convenience of Garmin Pay™, music, notifications, and unrivalled battery life.

Dive into a whole new depth of capability with the Descent MK3i - 43 mm (Carbon grey DLC Titanium with Black Band). Start your adventure today!

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