SCUBAPRO Supernova D-Mask Set

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Discover a New Dimension of Underwater Exploration with SCUBAPRO Supernova D-Mask Set! 🌊🔱

Elevate your diving adventures with the SCUBAPRO Supernova D-Mask Set - a harmonious fusion of award-winning innovation, expert engineering, and top-notch performance. Curated for the ambitious recreational and professional divers, this collection sets the pace for unforgettable underwater journeys.

The key to this awe-inspiring ensemble is the SeaWing Supernova Fin, a marvel of design and functionality. Lauded with the distinguished Red Dot Award, this next-generation fin eclipses its predecessor, the Seawing Nova, in performance, construction, fit, and versatility. 👣💫

Complementing the remarkable fin is the ScubaPro D-Mask, offering unparalleled vision clarity, comfort, and a revolutionary design for a fully immersive underwater experience. 🌐👀

Rounding off the set is the reliable Spectra Snorkel, your trusted companion for surface swimming and an essential part of your diving equipment. 🐠🏊‍♂️

The SCUBAPRO Supernova D-Mask Set includes:

ScubaPro D-Mask

Spectra Snorkel

SeaWing Supernova Fin

The SCUBAPRO Supernova D-Mask Set is not just a collection, but an invitation to unlock an extraordinary diving experience. Let's conquer the depths!