BIGBLUE Combo Pack: AL1300WP-II + AL450WT + Rainbow EZ Clip

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🌟 Discover the Power of Light with the BIGBLUE Combo Pack! 🌟

Illuminate Your Underwater Adventures with the AL1300WP-II + AL450WT + Rainbow EZ Clip Combo Pack

Dive into a world of vibrant exploration with the BIGBLUE Combo Pack. This incredible bundle features the AL1300WP-II and AL450WT dive lights, along with the convenient Rainbow EZ Clip. Get ready to experience the true beauty of the underwater world with these powerful and versatile lights.

AL1200WP-II: Unleash the Power of 1300 Lumens

✨ Immerse yourself in a sea of brilliance with the AL1300WP-II. This powerful dive light offers an impressive 1200 lumens, illuminating your path with stunning clarity. Dive confidently and explore every detail, whether you're capturing breathtaking photos or simply enjoying the underwater scenery.

✨ The wide 85° beam angle with a soft edge provides a broad and even distribution of light, ensuring maximum visibility in any situation. Say goodbye to dark corners and embrace the beauty that surrounds you.

✨ With the rechargeable lithium-ion 18650 battery, you'll have long-lasting power for extended dive adventures. The four power settings, accompanied by the color-coded battery indicator, allow you to easily manage your light's performance and battery life.

AL450WT: Embrace Versatility with 450 Lumens

✨ The AL450WT is your perfect companion for underwater exploration. With 450 lumens of pure brilliance, this dive light illuminates your surroundings with a wide 85° beam angle and a soft edge. Experience the joy of enhanced visibility, allowing you to fully appreciate the wonders of the underwater world.

✨ The soft edge of the beam ensures a smooth and even distribution of light, eliminating harsh shadows and creating a captivating underwater ambiance. Capture stunning photos, navigate effortlessly, and immerse yourself in the extraordinary beauty that lies beneath the surface.

✨ The convenient tail button switch with a battery indicator keeps you informed of your light's status, allowing you to focus on your dive without any worries.

Rainbow EZ Clip: Your Ultimate Dive Light Accessory

✨ With the Rainbow EZ Clip, you can easily secure your dive lights, keeping them within reach at all times. This versatile accessory provides a practical and secure attachment option, allowing you to focus on your dive without the hassle of managing your lights.

🌊 Dive Deeper, See Clearer, and Unleash Your Passion for Underwater Exploration with the BIGBLUE Combo Pack! 🌊

🌟 Experience the brilliance of the AL1300WP-II and AL450WT dive lights, accompanied by the convenience of the Rainbow EZ Clip. Dive into a world of wonder and ignite your passion for underwater exploration. Get your BI