BIGBLUE Combo Pack: AL1300NP-II + AL450NT + Rainbow EZ Clip

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Experience Unparalleled Illumination and Versatility with the BIGBLUE Combo Pack: AL1300NP-II + AL450N Tail!

Illuminate your underwater adventures with the BIGBLUE Combo Pack featuring the AL1300NP-II and AL450N Tail. Designed for general purpose diving, this powerful combo offers exceptional features and performance to enhance your diving experience.

Features and Benefits:

Unmatched Illumination: Dive into a world of vibrant colours with the AL1300NP-II. Boasting 1300 lumens at 6500K colour temperature, this light delivers brilliant illumination, allowing you to explore the depths with clarity and precision.

Precise Beam Control: Enjoy enhanced visibility with the AL1300NP-II's narrow 10° beam angle. Its soft edge ensures a smooth and even distribution of light, illuminating your surroundings with precision and reducing backscatter for crystal-clear views.

Long-lasting Power: Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion 18650 battery, the AL1300NP-II provides reliable and long-lasting performance. With four power settings and a colour-coded battery indicator, you can easily monitor and adjust the light output to suit your needs.

Versatile Companion: Accompanying the AL1300NP-II is the AL450N Tail, offering 450 lumens at 6500K colour temperature. With a narrow 8° beam angle and a soft edge, this light provides focused illumination for detailed exploration and underwater photography.

Illuminate Your Underwater World! Unleash the power of the BIGBLUE Combo Pack: AL1300NP-II + AL450N Tail. Experience unparalleled illumination, precise beam control, and versatile performance. Dive into extraordinary adventures now! ⚡