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AQUALUNG AIR TRANSMITTER - Seamless Gas Pressure Transmission for Enhanced Dive Confidence

Immerse yourself in a new level of dive precision with the AQUALUNG AIR TRANSMITTER. This hoseless gas pressure transmitter is designed specifically for the i450T and i750T dive computers, offering seamless transmission of gas pressure information. Experience the freedom of untethered diving and the confidence of accurate data at your fingertips.

Key Features:

  • Hassle-Free Pairing: Once set, the AQUALUNG AIR TRANSMITTER is permanently paired with your i450T or i750T dive computer. Say goodbye to accidental pairings and dive with peace of mind, knowing that your gas pressure information is reliable and accurate.

  • User-Replaceable Battery: The transmitter features a user-changeable battery that is commercially available, ensuring convenience and easy maintenance. Stay powered up and ready for your next dive adventure without any downtime.

  • Nitrox Compatibility: Choose from two transmitter versions to suit your diving needs. Opt for the Nitrox-compatible version, allowing gas mixes of up to 40%, or go for the 100% compatible version for pure oxygen diving. Enjoy versatility and flexibility in your gas choices.

Stay Connected and Dive with Confidence

The AQUALUNG AIR TRANSMITTER revolutionises your diving experience by providing seamless gas pressure transmission to your i450T or i750T dive computer. With this advanced technology, you can stay connected to your tank's gas pressure, ensuring precise monitoring and better dive planning.

Imagine the freedom of untethered diving, without the clutter of additional hoses. Dive confidently, knowing that your AQUALUNG AIR TRANSMITTER is securely paired with your dive computer, offering accurate and reliable data with every dive.

Take your dive adventures to new depths of precision and convenience with the AQUALUNG AIR TRANSMITTER. Enhance your diving experience by staying connected and dive with confidence. Upgrade your gear today and experience the freedom of hoseless gas pressure transmission.