Aqua Lung Stratos 3 Closed Heel Fins

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Aqua Lung Stratos 3 Closed Heel Fins - Unleash Your Underwater Power

Discover the perfect balance of durability, lightness, and affordability with the Aqua Lung Stratos 3 Closed Heel Fins. Designed for both recreational divers and intensive use in Diving Centers, these fins have undergone rigorous stress and anti-shock tests, proving their exceptional resilience. Get ready to experience the ultimate underwater adventure with fins that offer incredible power and sleek snorkeling-style performance. Dive into warm waters and feel the exhilaration.

Key Features:

Torsion Energy Point:

  • Advanced 3-materials side rib area for enhanced blade flexing.
  • Shifted bending point enables a more powerful kick with minimal effort, maximizing your diving performance.

Ergonomic Foot Pocket:

  • Thoughtfully designed with reinforced soft material for unmatched comfort.
  • Experience the pleasure of wearing these fins barefoot or with socks, ensuring a snug fit every time.

Grip Effect:

  • Special interior finishing of the foot pocket guarantees exceptional stability, providing you with added confidence underwater.

Strong and Elastic Blade:

  • Crafted from high-quality technopolymers, the blade offers remarkable strength and flexibility for optimal propulsion.

Superior Water Canalization:

  • The 4-channel structure along the blade ensures efficient water flow, enhancing your swimming performance.

Side Wings for Enhanced Stability:

  • Innovative side wings not only boost swim performance but also provide excellent stability during your dives.

Customized Aqua Lung Rubber Ribs:

  • Elastic, robust, and anti-scratch rubber side ribs deliver unparalleled durability and protection.
  • Stretching all the way to the heel lower sole, these fins offer exceptional comfort, preventing cramps.

Anti-Slip Rubber Pads:

  • Designed to improve stability, the anti-slip rubber pads provide reliable traction even on slippery surfaces.

Unleash your underwater power with the Aqua Lung Stratos 3 Closed Heel Fins. Dive with confidence, comfort, and unmatched stability, knowing you've chosen the best all-around full foot fins for your diving adventures. Elevate your performance and make a splash like never before.

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