Aqua Lung Single Pressure Gauge

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Aqua Lung Single Pressure Gauge: Stay Informed, Dive with Confidence!
(Metric / Bar)

"Stay Informed Underwater with the Aqua Lung Single Pressure Gauge"

Never miss a beat during your dives with the Aqua Lung Single Pressure Gauge. This essential dive instrument provides you with crucial information at a glance, delivering accurate readings of your remaining air pressure and temperature. With its user-friendly design and advanced features, this gauge ensures you stay connected to your dive and maintain the confidence to explore the underwater world to the fullest.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy-to-Read Scale: The gauge features an easy-to-read scale with a range of up to 350 bar, allowing you to monitor your air pressure with precision and confidence.

  • Luminescent Gauge Face: Dive into the depths with ease, thanks to the luminescent gauge face that ensures clear visibility even in low-light conditions. Stay informed and focused, no matter the lighting situation.

  • Integrated Temperature Scale: Keep track of the temperature underwater with the integrated temperature scale. This valuable feature allows you to monitor changes in temperature, ensuring a safe and comfortable dive experience.

  • Nitrox Compatible: Dive with versatility and expand your exploration limits. The Aqua Lung Single Pressure Gauge is Nitrox compatible up to 50%, giving you the freedom to dive with enriched air and discover new depths.

  • Swiss Made Quality: Trust in the precision and reliability of Swiss craftsmanship. The shock-resistant Bourdon tube, meticulously engineered in Switzerland, guarantees accurate and consistent readings even in challenging diving conditions.

  • One-Way Safety Valve: Dive with peace of mind, knowing that the one-way safety valve prevents accidental pressure releases and ensures the gauge's integrity throughout your dive.

  • Optimal Hose Length: The gauge comes with a 36" / 91.44cm hose, providing ample reach and flexibility for easy monitoring and readability.

  • Available in Metric: Choose the measurement system that suits your preference and needs. The Aqua Lung Single Pressure Gauge is available in metric, offering convenience and familiarity.

Stay informed, stay in control, and make every dive count with the Aqua Lung Single Pressure Gauge. This essential dive instrument empowers you to monitor your air pressure and temperature with confidence, allowing you to focus on the incredible underwater world around you.