Aqua Lung Pro HD WOMEN BCD

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Aqua Lung Pro HD Women BCD

Dive with Confidence and Comfort in the Aqua Lung Pro HD Women BCD

Special Order Item - Delivery in 6 to 8 Weeks

Experience the ultimate in comfort, performance, and style with the Aqua Lung Pro HD Women BCD. Designed specifically for women, this wrap-around jacket-style BCD offers an exceptional fit and a host of features that will enhance your diving adventures. Dive with confidence, knowing that the Pro HD Women BCD has everything you need to explore the underwater world.

Features and Benefits:

  • Sure Lock II Weight Release: Easily and safely release your weights with the patented Sure Lock II Mechanical Weight Release System. Enjoy peace of mind and effortless buoyancy control.

  • ResisteK Material: Look and feel great dive after dive. The Pro HD Women BCD is made from ResisteK material, a technologically advanced fabric that resists fading and abrasion caused by saltwater and chlorine. Stay stylish and protected.

  • Backpack Handle: Effortlessly carry your BCD with the built-in backpack handle. Convenient and practical, it ensures easy transportation to and from your diving destination.

  • Your Height Is Right: Customize the positioning of your BCD with the adjustable height strap. Set the preferred height each time, ensuring a comfortable and personalized fit.

  • Your Weight Is Great: Accommodate a wide range of sizes with the adjustable waistband. Enjoy a secure and snug fit, allowing for unrestricted movement underwater.

  • Tank Band Pockets: Increase your weight capacity and achieve proper trim in the water with the fixed pockets on the tank band. Maintain balance and stability throughout your dive.

  • Large Pull Bobs: Easy to locate and grip, even while wearing thick gloves. Navigate your gear with confidence and ease.

  • Configurable: Personalize your setup to suit your preferences. Run your instruments behind the left pocket and out the scooped opening on top, in front of the lobe. Achieve optimal gear arrangement.

  • Utility Pockets: Access your essential items with ease using the two-way zippers and zipper pulls on the easy-access utility pockets. Stay organized and prepared.

  • Smooth, Flat Valves: Minimize drag and improve hydrodynamics with the proprietary flat valves. Glide effortlessly through the water, maximizing your diving experience.

  • Octo Pocket: Keep your octopus secure and readily accessible in the scooped octo-pocket. Be prepared for any emergency situation.

  • Chest Strap: Ensure a secure and comfortable fit with the chest strap. Prevent shoulder straps from sliding and maintain stability throughout your dive.

  • Gear Up!: Multiple pockets, D-rings, and knife attachment points allow for easy stowing and quick access to your diving gear. Stay prepared and enjoy hassle-free equipment management.

Upgrade your diving gear with the Aqua Lung Pro HD Women BCD and dive into a world of comfort, performance, and style. Order now and embark on your next underwater adventure!