Apeks MTX-R Octopus

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Apeks MTX-R Octopus: Your Ultimate High-Visibility SCUBA Alternative Air Source

Be Prepared, Dive Confidently

🔥 Introducing the Apeks MTX-R Octopus, the ultimate alternate air source designed to accompany the MTX-R Regulator. With its striking high-visibility yellow colour, this octopus ensures you'll be easily spotted in any dive situation, providing peace of mind and an extra layer of safety.

Features That Take Your Diving Experience to New Depths

✅ Uncompromising Performance: Experience the same exceptional performance as the MTX-R Regulator, with left/right reversibility, coldwater capability, and Apeks' renowned pneumatically balanced valve.

✅ High Visibility: The vibrant yellow front cover, accent pieces, and 36" braided flex yellow hose ensure maximum visibility, allowing your dive buddy to easily locate you in case of emergency.

✅ Robust and Accessible: The MTX-R Octopus features a sturdy metal front cover and a crenelated rubber edge for quick and easy access to internal parts, ensuring hassle-free maintenance and reliability.

✅ Included Exhaust Tee: The octopus comes standard with a small exhaust tee for efficient air release and enhanced dive comfort.

Dive with Confidence, Unleash Your Adventure

Feel the rush of excitement as you explore the depths, knowing that you're equipped with the Apeks MTX-R Octopus. Its high-visibility yellow design ensures you'll stand out, enhancing safety and peace of mind. Dive confidently, knowing that the unparalleled performance of the MTX-R Regulator extends to your alternate air source. With its robust construction and easy access to internal parts, the MTX-R Octopus is designed to withstand the rigors of your underwater adventures.