Tusa RS1207 Air System (DIN)

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Tusa RS1207 Air System: Your Gateway to Dive in With Confidence!

Embark on your diving journey with the Tusa RS1207 Air System. This lightweight, sturdy regulator is the perfect choice for entry-level divers, making every dive a breeze. πŸ πŸ’¦

Unmatched Simplicity, Superior Performance πŸš€

The Tusa RS1207 is the epitome of user-friendly design and ease of maintenance. Thanks to its straightforward assembly and disassembly process, keeping your regulator in top condition couldn't be easier. Ideal for training and rental, it takes the worry out of your underwater adventures!

First Stage: The Core of Stability 🌐

The first stage features a standard piston design, bringing stability to your dives. With 4 MP ports and 1 HP port, you're guaranteed a constant, dependable air flow, which means safer, more comfortable dives.

Second Stage: Ease of Breathing Underwater 🌊

Simplicity meets performance in the second stage of the Tusa RS1207. The non-compensating downstream valve ensures a constant, easy breathing experience throughout your dive. Embrace the tranquillity of the underwater world with each breath!

Venturi Control: Your Air, Your Way πŸ’¨

The Venturi control allows you to adjust the air flow to your preference, giving you more control over your diving experience. The power to customize your dive is right at your fingertips!

Flexible Casing with Large Purge Button: Convenience at its Best πŸ‘Œ

With a flexible casing and a large purge button, the Tusa RS1207 offers unparalleled convenience. The intuitive design enables easy handling and quick clearing, making it your reliable partner in any dive!

Features at a Glance

  • Quick and easy maintenance for hassle-free diving
  • First stage with standard piston, 4 MP ports, and 1 HP port
  • Simple second stage with non-compensating downstream valve for consistent breathing
  • Venturi control for personalised air flow
  • Flexible casing with large purge button for convenience

Jumpstart Your Diving Journey! 🐬

The Tusa RS1207 Air System, with its seamless blend of simplicity, durability, and lightweight design, is the perfect regulator to start your diving journey. Dive in and discover the hidden treasures of the sea. Don't wait, get your Tusa RS1207 today!