Tusa Elite 2 HyperDry Snorkel

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Discover Superior Snorkelling with the Tusa Elite 2 HyperDry Snorkel! 🌊

Unleash a new level of underwater exploration with the Tusa Elite 2 HyperDry Snorkel. Designed with Tusa's finest features, this snorkel ensures a thrilling, yet effortless, dive into the deep. With its low-profile dry top and innovative angled purge chamber, the path to your next adventure stays comfortably dry and clear.


Low Profile Dry Top: Dive In, Keep Dry β˜”

The Elite 2 HyperDry Snorkel features a low-profile dry top design that proficiently keeps water out. Embrace the tranquillity underwater and let your breath flow freely without any water intrusion. It's the peace of mind you deserve!

Ortho-Conscious Mouthpiece: Comfort is King πŸ‘‘

Bid farewell to jaw fatigue with the ortho-consciously designed mouthpiece. It's engineered for optimum comfort, ensuring that you can focus entirely on the enchanting underwater life. Explore more, strain less!

Angled Purge Chamber: Clear and Efficient πŸ—‘οΈ

Enjoy effortless clearing with the intelligently angled purge chamber. It allows for efficient and easy clearing, maintaining your line of sight free from bubbles. The path to underwater marvels has never been more unobstructed!

Colour Your Dive: Reflect Your Personality 🎨

With a wide spectrum of colours, you can match the Tusa Elite 2 HyperDry Snorkel with your other gear or simply choose one that reflects your personality. Dive in style!

Key Features

  • Low profile dry top for a dry snorkelling experience
  • Ortho-consciously designed mouthpiece for supreme comfort and less jaw fatigue
  • Angled purge chamber for easy and efficient clearing
  • Available in a vibrant range of colours

Unleash Your Inner Diver with the Tusa Elite 2 HyperDry Snorkel!

Dive into your next snorkelling adventure with the Tusa Elite 2 HyperDry Snorkel. Crafted to offer you a superior snorkelling experience, it blends innovation, comfort, and style. With this by your side, the sea's beauty is yours to explore. Embrace the aquatic world with Tusa!