Mares Loop 15X

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Experience the Vertical Revolution with Mares Loop 15X Air System! 🌊💨

Dive into the future with the Mares Loop 15X Air System - a paradigm shift in diving regulators! The latest model from Mares offers unmatched innovation and sets a new benchmark in regulator technology. Immerse yourself in the comfort and freedom this unique air system provides!

First Stage Features: Unleash Your Dive Potential 🦈

  • DFC Port - delivers consistent air flow at all depths, enabling optimal performance 🌬️
  • Pre-Oriented Ports - simplifies hose routing, making your setup hassle-free and efficient 🧩
  • INT – DIN Connection - offering flexibility for various diving conditions and standards 🌍
  • ACT Valve - enhances reliability, ensuring that your dive is always safe and secure 🛡️
  • Compact Size - easy to pack and carry, perfect for divers on the go 🏃

Second Stage Features: Redefine Your Dive Experience 🐠🚀

  • Ambidextrous Design - can be mounted on the right or the left side, offering versatility and ease of use 🔄
  • Freedom of Movement - enjoy unrestricted movement in all directions, allowing you to explore at will 🤸
  • "Under the Shoulder" Hose Position - eliminates jaw fatigue, making your dive more comfortable and enjoyable 😁
  • Integrated Sagittal VAD (S-VAD) - enhances airflow, making each breath feel natural and easy 🍃
  • Twin Exhaust Valves - optimises air circulation, reducing effort and increasing comfort 🌀
  • Oversized Silicone Purge Button - easy to use, even with gloves on, offering seamless operation underwater 🎈

This system is built with a Techno Polymer material and features a Balanced Diaphragm First Stage, promising durability and reliability. With its Lightweight Yoke and Oil/Dry Cold Water Kit, it stands ready for diving in any conditions, anywhere!

Ready for the Dive of Your Life? 🔱

No other air system offers such an innovative design and unprecedented performance. Dive with the Mares Loop 15X Air System and experience the vertical revolution! Click 'Add to Cart' and revolutionise your underwater adventure today!