Mares XR Instrument SPG52 - 15cm Miflex

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Dive with Assurance - Mares XR Instrument SPG52 with 15cm Miflex! 🌊

Elevate your diving experience with Mares XR Instrument SPG52 - now with a sleek 15cm Miflex hose! Designed for technical divers and renowned for high accuracy and reliability, this instrument is your trusted companion beneath the waves. Dive in, and let your adventure begin! 🐠💦

Exceptional Accuracy for Exceptional Dives! 🎯🔬

Equipped to read both bar and psi, the SPG52 works with air and 100% oxygen. No matter your dive setting, it's got your back! Enjoy ultimate freedom and peace of mind during your underwater exploration. 🏞️🌪️

Illuminated Screen for Easy Reading! 🌙🔦

Featuring a luminescent “glow in the dark" screen, the SPG52 ensures clear visibility in all conditions. Be it during a night dive or in murky waters, you'll never lose sight of crucial information.

Compact and Flexible 15cm Miflex Hose! 🛠️⚙️

Coupled with the compact 15 cm Miflex carbon/titanium black hose, the SPG52 provides a sleek, flexible, and resilient setup for all your diving needs.

Certified and Trusted by Professionals! 📜✅

Certified according to EN 250, the SPG52 is designed for technical divers and top quality regs. It's the go-to instrument for many divers following the DIR training philosophy. Dive with confidence, knowing you're in good hands!

Designed for Durability and Style! 🛡️🌟

The double chrome, mirror-plated case and brass housing with tempered glass guarantee extreme durability and stylish appearance. Thanks to double welding, you can use it without a cover protection - a testament to its resilience.

Always Accurate, Always Reliable! 🔄💯

The copper beryllium bourdon tube mechanism ensures the SPG52 never goes out of calibration, even with hard knocks. You can trust it to provide the most accurate readings, dive after dive.

With a total of 6 options available, the Mares XR Instrument SPG52 with 15cm Miflex offers the ultimate in diving precision.

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