Mares XR Instrument SPG52

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Dive with Precision - Mares XR Instrument SPG52! 🌊

Chart your underwater journey with ultimate precision with the Mares XR Instrument SPG52. Celebrated by technical divers worldwide, this instrument promises high accuracy and reliability, enabling you to explore the depths with confidence and thrill! 🐠💦

Unmatched Accuracy and Versatility! 🎯🔄

Whether you're reading in bar or psi, the SPG52 has got you covered. It's designed for use with both air and 100% oxygen, providing flexibility for various dive situations. Enjoy the dive, we'll handle the pressure! 🏞️🌪️

Glow-in-the-Dark Screen for Optimal Readability! 🌙🔦

The luminescent “glow in the dark" screen ensures you never lose sight of your readings. From night-time dive to murky waters, the glowing screen keeps you informed, and safe.

Choose Your Hose: Robust or Compact! 🛠️⚙️

Whether you prefer the 56cm rubber hose for its ruggedness or the compact 15 cm Miflex carbon/titanium black hose for its sleek design, we've got you covered!

Certified Quality for Trustworthy Dives! 📜✅

Certified according to EN 250, our SPG52 embodies technical excellence and supreme quality. It's the preferred instrument of many technical divers following the DIR training philosophy. This isn't just a gauge - it's your reliable diving partner.

Extreme Durability and Stylish Design! 🛡️🌟

With a double chrome, mirror-plated case and brass housing with tempered glass, the SPG52 guarantees durability without compromising on style. Its double welding allows usage without cover protection, ensuring longevity amidst the most challenging conditions.

Never Out of Calibration! 🔄💯

Thanks to the copper beryllium bourdon tube mechanism, the SPG52 never goes out of calibration, even with hard knocks. Rest assured, your readings will always remain accurate.

With a total of 6 options to fit all technical requirements, the Mares XR Instrument SPG52 is all you need for an accurate and exhilarating diving experience!

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