SCUBAPRO UPF50 0.5mm Mens Steamer Wetsuit

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Embrace the Depths with Unparalleled Protection in the SCUBAPRO UPF50 0.5mm Men's Lycra Steamer 🐠

Venture into the aquatic world with the SCUBAPRO UPF50 0.5mm Men's Steamer, an integral part of SCUBAPRO's UPF Collection. Experience comprehensive protection both underwater and on the surface, without compromising on style.

ScubaPro Wetsuit Sizing Chart : CLICK HERE

Dive into the features:

  • Stylish Skin Protection: Add comfort to your warm water dives and surface fun. Forget about stings, skin abrasions, and UV radiation — dive with confidence. 👍🌞

  • UPF 50 Rating: This rating blocks a whopping 98% of harmful UV radiation, protecting your skin on the surface as much as underwater. 🛡️☀️

  • High-Quality Nylon Fabric: Delight in the comfort and snug fit of our high-quality nylon fabric. This durable material ensures a sleek, hydrodynamic profile in the water and a stylish look on the shore. 💦🏖️

  • Full Body Protection: Perfect for diving, snorkelling, or swimming, providing comprehensive protection without compromising comfort or freedom of movement. 🌊🏊‍♂️

  • YKK Front Zipper: The steamer features a YKK front zipper for increased comfort and easy donning, whether you're wearing it alone or under a suit. 💨👍

  • High Neck Design: No more chafing from your gear. The high neck design ensures added comfort during all your underwater adventures. 👌🐙

  • Foot Stirrups and Thumb Loops: Enjoy easy donning with foot stirrups and thumb loops, which also prevent ride-up when worn under a wetsuit. 💫🐠

  • Versatility: Not just for divers! It's an excellent choice for snorkelers, paddle boarders, swimmers, and other water enthusiasts too. 🏄🦈

With the SCUBAPRO UPF50 0.5mm Men's Steamer, you're not just purchasing a wetsuit — you're investing in comfort, protection, and style. Why settle for less when you can have it all? Dive with SCUBAPRO today!