Mares Manta 2.2mm Shorty Wetsuit (Mens)

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🌊 Mares Manta 2.2mm Men's Shorty Wetsuit: Revel in the Freedom of the Sea! 

Mares Wetsuit Sizing Chart : CLICK HERE

Experience the perfect combination of comfort and style with the Mares Manta 2.2mm Men's Shorty Wetsuit. This shorty version of the acclaimed Steamer Manta, crafted from 2.2mm neoprene, is all about enhancing your underwater experiences. Take a peek at the impressive features:

  • 2.2mm Neoprene: Relish the sensation of diving into the great blue with the freedom provided by the Manta Shorty's 2.2mm neoprene. It offers you the warmth and flexibility you need to make your dive a memory to treasure. 🐠🌞
  • Double Lining: The Manta Shorty's double lining keeps you cosy while delivering extra thermal protection. Swim and explore in the utmost comfort, savouring every moment of your underwater journey. 🦈💪
  • Back Zip with Pulley & Locking System: Dive in and out of your suit with ease thanks to the back zip featuring a pulley and locking system. No fuss, no stress, just you ready for your next underwater exploration. 🌊🔒
  • Shorty Design: Enjoy the freedom and convenience that comes with the Manta Shorty design. More mobility, less bulk, and an experience that's as unrestricted as the ocean itself! 🏊‍♂️🌟

With the Mares Manta 2.2mm Men's Shorty Wetsuit, you're not just wearing a wetsuit, you're embracing a lifestyle of adventure and discovery. Gear up for your next dive, and let the sea set you free!


Pls note: Exchanges / size swaps on the Mares Manta suits are subject courier fees which will be passed onto the customer, for the return of the original suit + the fees to send the new suit.