SCUBAPRO T-One R-Series Set

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Embrace Uncomplicated Excellence with the SCUBAPRO T-One R-Series Set! 🌊🌟

Revel in the effortless harmony of quality basics with the SCUBAPRO T-One R-Series Set, a comprehensive diving solution for every ocean explorer. From travelling divers to diving clubs, beginners to rental services, this all-inclusive set invites everyone to immerse themselves in the thrilling world of underwater adventure.

This standout set includes the T-One BCD, the market's lightest jacket, perfectly designed for buoyancy and comfort. 🏊‍♂️ Enjoy easy adjustments, reliable durability, and convenient side pockets to keep your essentials secure during your dive.

The MK2 EVO/R095 Regulator, an epitome of bulletproof reliability, offers hassle-free, minimal maintenance. Boasting enhanced breathing sensitivity, superior airflow, and impressive cold water resistance, this regulator provides exceptional value for budget-conscious divers. 💸

The R095 OCTO elevates safety and sharing with its high-visibility yellow cover and 1-meter long hose. 🦑 Dive into the depths with the knowledge that you're equipped with a dependable backup system.

Rounding off the set is ScubaPro's Compact SPG, an ideal travel companion or backup gauge. With a 400 bar model compatible with 200 and 300 bar systems and a safety-focused red zone, this pressure gauge is your trusted partner in the deep. ⚠️

In essence, the SCUBAPRO T-One R-Series Set offers a simple yet sophisticated solution to your diving needs. Ready to explore? Dive in!

R095 OCTO - Combines the features of the R095 with a high visibility yellow cover and a 1 meter long yellow hose for easy sharing.

Compact SPG ScubaPro's Compact Pressure Gauge is an ideal travelling gauge or back-up instrument.

* 400bar model, compatible with high pressure systems 200 and 300 bar systems.
* Red zone between 50bar and 0bar for increased safety.
* Two extra loops on sides to attach safety lanyard