Mares HR28 & XR Wing Set

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🌊 Dive Into Unrivalled Underwater Experiences with the Mares HR28 Reg & XR Wing Set! 🦈🌟

Immerse yourself in the unmatched performance and innovative design of our Mares HR28 Reg & XR Wing Set. This package combines the strength of the Mares XR Wing BCD, the precision of the Mares HR28 Regulator, and the versatility of the Mares Loop Alternate and Mares Mission Gauge. Crafted for both professional divers and aquatic enthusiasts, this all-in-one set offers you a premium diving experience.

🏅Mares XR Wing BCD - The Ace of Adaptability 🏅 Unveil the pleasures of XR diving with this single backmount set. With its fully adjustable harness, this one-size-fits-all solution is perfect for travellers.

  • Flexibility to Suit You 🦾: Its fully adjustable harness means this one-size-fits-all solution adapts to you, not the other way around.
  • Ready to Travel 🛄: Lightweight and compact, it's the perfect companion for diving adventures worldwide.
  • All-in-One 🎁: Enjoy a completely mounted set including tank, back plate, D-rings, buckles, and even the new X-REC back-shoulders padding for maximum comfort.

🥇Mares HR28 Regulator - Precision-Crafted Performance 🥇 Experience unparalleled breathing comfort and the perfect HP hose positioning with the Mares HR28 Regulator. Made to resist the extreme conditions of scootering, deep, cold, and wreck diving.

  • Unrivalled Durability 🛡️: With a full shiny chrome metal body, this regulator is built to last.
  • Breathe Easy 🌬️: Adjustable breathing comfort ensures a seamless experience.
  • Light & Compact ⚖️: Weighing less than 790g, this regulator is made for movement.

🔝Mares Loop Octo - Innovate Your Dive 🔝 Complement your set-up with the innovative Octopus Loop, offering freedom of movement in all directions.

  • Versatile Mounting 🔄: Can be mounted on either the right or left side for ultimate flexibility.
  • Unparalleled Movement 💫: With its 'under the shoulder' hose position, experience unrestricted exploration.
  • Easy Use 👌: An oversized silicone purge button ensures effortless operation.

🌟Mares Mission 1 Gauge - Simplicity Perfected 🌟 Enjoy the simplicity of an anti-shock elastomeric technopolymer case with an easy-to-read display. Or, upgrade to the Mares Mission 2 Gauge for compact Puck capsule computer compatibility.

  • Uncomplicated Genius 🧠: Simple, modular design with multiple attachment points.
  • Clear and Precise 🔍: High-visibility display for effortless readability under the water.
  • Upgrade Option 🔄: Opt for the Mares Mission 2 Gauge for an added compact Puck capsule computer.

Upgrade option - Mares Mission 2 Gauge

Every dive is a journey, and the Mares HR28 Reg & XR Wing Set is your trustworthy companion. Don't just dive, soar underwater with Mares. 🦅🌊

Embrace the world beneath the waves. Add the Mares HR28 Reg & XR Wing Set to your cart today! 🛒👈