Mares DUAL 15X Magellan Set

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Elevate Your Underwater Adventure with the Mares DUAL 15X Magellan Set! 🌊🦈

Step into the realm of undersea with the Mares DUAL 15X Magellan Set. Specifically designed for thrill-seeking divers, this kit offers superior comfort, reliability, and performance.

Superior Features & Exquisite Benefits 🌟💪

Mares Magellan BCD

Unleash your inner explorer with the Mares Magellan BCD! It's not just a BCD; it's your trusty companion for all underwater adventures.

  • Ultra-Lightweight: Designed for the nomadic diver, this travel-friendly BCD is incredibly light and foldable.
  • Innovative Strap System: Say goodbye to discomfort with the new strap loop backpack feature. It's an easy adjustment that brings supreme comfort.
  • Integrated Quick Release Weight System: Enjoy a safe and efficient diving experience with easy weight adjustments.
  • One Roll-Up Pocket: Keep your essentials close at hand.
  • Concave Ergonomic Shoulders: Patent pending design that increases comfort in the chest/shoulder area, making it a favourite among female divers!


Mares DUAL 15X Air System

Experience the reliability and performance of the DUAL 15X Air System, your underwater lifeline.

  • Lightweight & High Airflow: Breath easy with this high-performing regulator. It's incredibly light, ensuring your underwater escapades are burden-free.
  • Easy-to-Use Oversized Purge Button: Designed for convenience, even a single finger can activate it.


Mares Rover Octo

Immerse into deep waters with the ever-dependable Mares Rover Octo.

  • High Performance & Durability: Designed for intense rental use, ensuring reliable performance even after extensive usage.
  • Large Vent Button & Durable Rubber Material: Easily activated venting function that withstands over 113,000 venting cycles!
  • Patented VAD System & FDD: Allows for natural breathing at all depths.

Mares Mission 1 Gauge

Enhance your diving journey with this result of uncomplicated ingenuity.

    • Modular Design & Multiple Attachment Points: Tailor your gauge to your preferences, ensuring perfect console positioning and underwater operations.
    • Easily Readable Display: No more squinting! View your readings easily, no matter the depth.

    Upgrade option - Mares Mission 2 Gauge

    Ready to Dive Deep into Your Next Adventure? 🌅🏊‍♂️

    Empower your diving experience with the unmatched comfort, reliability, and performance of the Mares DUAL 15X Magellan Set. Don't wait - let the sea set you free today!