Aqua Lung I770R Dive Computer + Transmitter

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🌊 Aqua Lung I770R Dive Computer + Transmitter: Dive into the Future! 🤿

Experience the pinnacle of diving technology with the Aqua Lung I770R Dive Computer. This state-of-the-art device combines cutting-edge features, wireless Bluetooth connectivity, and a sleek design to provide you with an unparalleled diving experience. Dive deeper, explore further, and stay connected both underwater and on the surface.


✅ Ultra-Bright TFT Color Screen: Immerse yourself in vibrant and crystal-clear visuals with the high-visibility Thin Film Transistor (TFT) color screen. Enjoy easy readability in any conditions and customize the screen intensity to optimize battery life.

✅ Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity: Stay connected and manage your dive data effortlessly with the i770R's wireless Bluetooth connectivity. Use the free DiverLog+ app on your mobile device to interact with your computer, transfer data, and share your diving memories on social media.

✅ Intuitive and User-Friendly Interface: Navigate through your dive information seamlessly with the intuitive 3-button navigation interface. Monitor key data, preview settings, and easily update your preferences for a personalized dive experience.

✅ Hoseless Gas Integration: Dive with confidence and manage your gas consumption effectively with the patented Gas Time Remaining Algorithm. Real-time calculations ensure accurate gas management, and the i770R is compatible with up to 4 different transmitters and nitrox mixes on a single dive.

✅ Full-Tilt Compass: Stay on course with the 3-axis full-tilt compass. Easily read compass graphics, lock in your compass bearing, and navigate effortlessly underwater. Access the alternate compass bar with a simple touch for added convenience.

Feel the excitement of exploring the underwater world with the Aqua Lung I770R Dive Computer. Dive deeper, stay connected, and maximize your diving adventures like never before!

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