SEALIFE DC2000 Pro Due Camera Set

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📸 Capture the Depths Like Never Before with the SeaLife DC2000 PRO DUO Camera & Flash SET 🌊

Unleash your underwater photography potential with the SeaLife DC2000 PRO DUO Camera & Flash SET. This all-inclusive set is your ultimate companion for capturing vivid stills and stunning HD videos under the sea. With the brilliant Sea Dragon 2300 Auto light and Sea Dragon Flash included, you'll be geared up to document your diving adventures with a pop of colour and light!

Let's Dive into the Features of the SeaLife DC2000 PRO DUO Camera & Flash SET 🐠

  • Vibrant Underwater Stills and HD Video ğŸŽ¥: The DC2000 underwater camera is your passport to the vibrant and colourful underwater world. Capture every moment with remarkable detail and vibrancy!

  • Sea Dragon 2300 Auto Light and Sea Dragon Flash 💡: Illuminate the deep with the Auto light's powerful 2300 lumen beam and the strobe-like Sea Dragon Flash. Now every picture will be brightly lit and full of life!

  • Simultaneous Light and Strobe Use 🌈: The Sea Dragon 2300's Auto Detect Mode intelligently turns off the light for one second when detecting an external flash. This means you can use the light and strobe simultaneously for ultimate lighting control!

  • Improved Handling and Comfort with Flex-Connect Grips and Dual Tray 🤲: Keep your shots steady with the two included Flex-Connect Grips and Dual Tray. Their ergonomic design ensures your comfort and stability while shooting.

  • Auto-Dimming Feature for Perfect Brightness 👌: The Sea Dragon 2300 adjusts its brightness based on distance, ensuring that your shots are never overexposed or underexposed.

  • Complete Set for Underwater Photography: This package comes complete with everything you need to start your underwater photography journey. From rechargeable batteries, mounting screws, and spare O-rings, to an adapter for GoPro cameras, Sea Dragon cases, and an instruction manual - we've got you covered!

The SeaLife DC2000 PRO DUO Camera & Flash SET is your all-in-one solution for capturing the wonders of the deep. Ready to dive in and start shooting? Grab your set today and let the underwater exploration begin!