ScubaPro Sport 5mm (Mens)

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ScubaPro Sport 5mm Steamer 

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Designed specifically with new divers in mind, or divers who enjoy leisurely warm-water diving, the new super-soft, ultra-comfortable SPORT 5mm Steamer fits like a second skin.

Made from Surf Foam neoprene and covered with a high-stretch nylon, this neoprene is a more flexible and softer variation of SCUBAPRO’s enviro-friendly X-Foam.

This softness and flexibility make the SPORT extremely easy to climb in and out of, plus it maximises range of motion, radically improving comfort while reducing those feelings of restriction.

* ‘CE Thermal Performance rating: CLASS B’ - most 5mm suits are certified Class C!

* ‘Pure Design Concept’ – fewer panels and seams allow for maximum stretch capacity and extreme freedom.

* ‘Triathlon Sporty Cut’ employs wider panels for an unrestricted arm and shoulder movement.

* ‘Surf X-Foam’ enviro-friendly neoprene is softer and more flexible improving overall comfort, the only formula complying with very strict non-toxic chemical tests.

* ‘Plush interior’ lined with three different materials that enhance comfort, increase warmth and promote quick-drying.

* ‘Abrasion-resistant fabric’ on shoulders, seat and knees for protection and better durability.

* ‘Diagonal cut YKK rear zipper’ for comfort, improved flexibility and easier doffing and donning.

* ‘Coloured Panels’ on the wrists and ankles seal against the skin to prevent water entry & provide a stylish look.

* ‘Wrist & Ankle zips’ with plush material provides comfort beneath zippers.

* ‘Glued and blind-stitched seams’ keep warmth in and water out.


* The Sport suit is constructed with super-soft Surf Foam to provide the ultimate in comfort, flexibility and ease of donning for recreational divers. The trade-off for the unbeatable softness is that Surf Foam is not as resistant to repeat compressions as our normal SCUBAPRO X-Foam and as a result we do not recommend this suit for commercial applications or dive professionals who use their suits on a daily basis. Either the Everflex or Oneflex would be better options for those applications.

* Suits made from Surf Foam are also more likely to develop mild creases at the elbows, knees and any other area subjected to repeat folding. These creases are a characteristic of the material and will not affect the performance of the suit.