SCUBAPRO SeaWing Gorilla 2 Fin

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🦍 Unleash Your Inner Beast with SCUBAPRO SeaWing Gorilla Fins! 🦍

Introducing the successor to the legendary ScubaPro Gorilla fins of the 80s: the SCUBAPRO SeaWing Gorilla Fins! Fine-tuned to deliver an increase in stiffness and snap, these fins are the perfect gear for divers seeking more power, speed, and impeccable frog-kick-ability. Prepare to be blown away as they bring together the award-winning comfort and efficiency of the classic SeaWing, with an added oomph perfect for demanding diving conditions!

Power-packed Features to Amplify Your Dives 🌊

  • Articulated Joint: Pivot control technology lets the blade pivot to maintain the most efficient angle of attack, resulting in powerful thrust without wasted energy, no matter how hard or gently you kick.
  • Clean Water Blade Geometry: Optimal propulsion as water flows freely onto the blade, reducing drag and boosting thrust.
  • Variable Pivot Control Ribs: Ensures that the most efficient angle of attack is maintained across all strengths of kick.
  • Ergonomic Foot Pocket: With an extended heel plate, it maximises power transmission with less strain on your legs.
  • Durable Monprene Construction: Makes your SeaWing Gorilla Fins virtually indestructible!
  • Upward Arcing Wingtips: Increase high-speed stability for a smoother, safer dive.
  • Marine-Quality Bungee Heel Strap: Customisable adjustment system for total comfort and convenience during your underwater adventure.

Stand Out with the Exclusive Army Green Colour! 🟢

The GORILLA version is instantly recognisable with its unique and eye-catching ARMY GREEN colour. So, not only do you get superior performance but also an exclusive style!

If you're looking for a gear upgrade to conquer challenging dives, the SCUBAPRO SeaWing Gorilla Fins are your go-to choice! Dive with more power, speed, and confidence. Order yours today and feel the difference!