SCUBAPRO Nova Spectra Mini Set

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Unleash Oceanic Wonders with the SCUBAPRO Nova Spectra Mini Set! 🌊🐬

Elevate your underwater exploits with our SCUBAPRO Nova Spectra Mini Set, the ultimate gear for any recreational or professional diver. Power your way through the deep blues with the SeaWing Nova 2 Fin, an extraordinary fusion of split fin efficiency and paddle fin power, acceleration, and manoeuvrability.🦈💨

With its reduced size and lighter weight, the Spectra Mini Mask offers a snug fit for narrower face shapes, enhancing comfort during your dives. Don't forget the Spectra Snorkel, a fantastic accompaniment to round off your equipment collection. Crafted for those who aren't just content to observe the underwater realm but wish to dominate it, this SCUBAPRO Nova Spectra Mini Set truly personifies the adventurous spirit of diving. Get set to dive in, mates!

The Scubapro Nova Spectra Mini Set includes:

SeaWing Nova 2 Fin

Spectra Mini Mask 

Spectra Snorkel