SCUBAPRO Nova Frameless Set

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Unveil the Depths with the SCUBAPRO Nova Frameless Set! 🌊🐟

Immerse yourself in aquatic adventure with the SCUBAPRO Nova Frameless Set. Ideal for both professional and recreational divers, this set combines the innovative SeaWing Nova 2 Fin, ScubaPro Frameless Mask, and Spectra Snorkel for an exhilarating and comfortable diving experience. 🐠

The SeaWing Nova 2 Fin brings together the best of paddle and split fin technologies, delivering unmatched power, acceleration, and manoeuvrability with minimum effort. Alongside, the ScubaPro Frameless Mask promises a panoramic field of vision, while the Spectra Snorkel ensures easy and efficient breathing. It's time to step into the undersea world with the confidence and finesse that SCUBAPRO’s Nova Frameless Set offers. Dive deep and embrace the unexplored! 🐡

The Scubapro Nova Frameless Set includes:

SeaWing Nova 2 Fin

ScubaPro Frameless Mask

Spectra Snorkel