Mares Viper Pro Spear Gun

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Unleash Your Inner Aquanaut with the Mares Viper Pro Spear Gun 🌊🔱

Delve into the aquatic world with unparalleled precision and power! The Mares Viper Pro Spear Gun is your ultimate underwater hunting companion, merging high-tech innovation with superb construction quality to deliver maximum rigidity, manageability and, above all, excellent performance.

Designed for the discerning aquanaut, our spear gun promises a user experience that's in a class of its own. Dive into its standout features:

  • Innovative Design 🏗️: With its optional swiveling band fork adapter, traditional dual slings become a breeze. Switch effortlessly, and conquer the waters!
  • High-End Release Mechanism ⚙️: The stainless-steel release is crafted with laser precision, situated in a reversed position for that extra edge in performance.
  • Fully Customisable Trigger 🎛️: Adaptability at its best! Tweak the trigger sensitivity as you wish, and on the Viper Pro, even the distance between the trigger and the handle can be personalised. Truly, your spear gun, your way!
  • Alligator Clips 🐊: Armed with two lateral alligator clips for easy attachment of additional gear, you are always prepared!
  • Unmatched Power and Speed ⚡: With the 6.5-mm Tahitian shaft and S-Power Speed 9-mm circular sling, seize the oceans with unrivalled speed and agility.

Moreover, we have armed the Viper Pro with the Vertical Spiro 65 reel on Venom Pro 90 and 75, and the Vertical Spiro 87 on the Viper Pro 100 and 110-cm models. The Viper Pro is available in a range of lengths (90, 100, and 110-cm) to perfectly suit your requirements.

Experience the thrill of the chase, the rush of the catch, and the joy of mastery with the Mares Viper Pro Spear Gun. More than a tool, it's a key to unlock a whole new world of underwater adventure! Ready to dive in? 🌊🔱

Get your Mares Viper Pro today and feel the power, precision and manageability that every underwater hunter dreams of! 🛍️💨