Mares Deadbolt Screw Flat

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Elevate Your Dive with the Mares Deadbolt Screw Flat Set! 🌊🔩

Dive deeper into the world of underwater exploration with our Mares Deadbolt Screw Flat Set! These meticulously designed accessories are ready to enhance your harness configuration, providing you with a seamless diving experience.

Engineered with precision from robust AISI 316 grade stainless steel, the Mares Deadbolt Screw Flat Set is your sturdy companion for all attachment needs. Discover the brilliant features that bring you benefits:

  • Superior Strength 💪: Precision-made from AISI 316 grade stainless steel, these screws promise exceptional durability, ready to withstand the pressures of underwater adventures.
  • Perfect Precision 🔬: Each screw comes with a flat head of 6mm, tailored to fit perfectly and securely with your diving gear.
  • Flexible Configuration 🔧: This pack includes four sets of male and female pieces with O-rings, offering a wide array of configuration possibilities for your harness.
  • Anodizing Prevention 🛡️: Designed specifically to work with aluminium plates and O-rings, these screws help prevent anodizing, ensuring your gear stays in top condition.

Feel the blissful serenity of knowing that your equipment is secure with the Mares Deadbolt Screw Flat Set. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the underwater world, while our screws work silently and effectively to keep your gear intact. 🐠💦

Experience the security that comes with superb craftsmanship. Add the Mares Deadbolt Screw Flat Set to your diving gear today! 🛍️