Mares Avanti PURE OH Fin

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Dive into Comfort and Power with Mares Avanti Pure Fins (Open Heel) 🌊

Presenting the Mares Avanti Pure Fins (Open Heel) - a remarkable diving marvel designed for the purist. Experience an enhanced barefoot diving experience, thanks to its ergonomic design, channel thrust power, and easy-to-use features that are crafted keeping your comfort in mind.

Unique Features for an Unmatched Experience 🐬

  • Designed for Barefoot Use: Step into natural comfort with a fin designed to be used barefoot or with Mares Pure Booties.

  • Two-Material, Open Heel Fin: This design offers a comfortable, secure fit while maximising propulsion power.

  • Soft & Comfortable Foot Pocket: Embrace the comfort of a soft foot pocket that snugly wraps around your foot.

  • Ergonomic Heel Pad: The innovative, patent-pending heel pad minimises pressure on the Achilles’ heel, letting you dive for longer without discomfort.

  • Special Bungee Strap: Enjoy hassle-free donning and doffing with this unique strap, which also provides perfect positioning for maximum comfort during use.

  • Bungee Guides: These ensure the strap is always in the right position for a seamless diving experience.

Feel the Mares Avanti Pure Difference 🐠

Every dive with the Mares Avanti Pure Fins (Open Heel) is a dive into luxurious comfort and exceptional power. Feel the water parting around you as you glide effortlessly with our enhanced channel thrust power.

Dive Comfortably, Dive Barefoot 🦈

Experience the freedom of barefoot diving without compromising on power or comfort. The Mares Avanti Pure Fins (Open Heel) bring together the best of both worlds, ensuring that your underwater adventures are as comfortable as they are exciting.

Take the Plunge with Mares Avanti Pure Fins (Open Heel) 🐟

Get ready to elevate your diving experience. Don't hold back - strap on the Mares Avanti Pure Fins (Open Heel) and make every dive a journey to remember. Dive into comfort today!