* CLEARANCE* 12L (232Bar) Steel Cylinders (Dumpy)

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12 Litre "Dumpy" Steel Cylinders + FREE Cylinder Nett
2020 Visual Inspection Certificate Included (SANAS Approved) 

* 12 Litre Cylinder 232 Bar Rating
* Midlands Valve
* Scuba Cylinder Boot

The cylinder comes with an insert and is compatible with both DIN & Yolk / International fittings.

PS: Collect from the store and we will fill it for you FREE of charge as well! * We can't courier pressurised vessels so if you order online we will ship the unit unpressurised.

had a tender fall through where client never paid and I'm are now sitting on an of excess stock that I need to clear. If you need more info please feel free to call Kevin  directly on 0836453191