Tusa RS790 Air System

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Tusa RS790 Air System: Unleash Superior Performance in Cold Waters!

Submerge yourself into the depths with confidence with the Tusa RS790 Air System. A model designed for discerning divers, this system delivers peerless performance, durability, and comfort. Perfectly tailored for chilly underwater ventures, it gives you the power to explore with ease. β„οΈπŸŒŠ

R-700 First Stage: Engineered for the Cold πŸ’ͺ

Dive into the icy depths with the R-700 first stage, crafted specifically for cold water environments.

  • Dry Ambient Pressure Chamber: With no water contact with the diaphragm and spring, expect consistent performance, regardless of the depth or chill factor. Never let the cold affect your diving again!
  • Ideal for Cold Water Environments: Dive carefree in cold water, thanks to the radiator-like ribbed top cap which increases heat transfer, warming critical internal parts.
  • High Flow Ports: Two high flow low-pressure ports, alongside two standard LP ports and 2 HP ports, cater to your air supply needs, offering up to 15% increased air flow. Never run out of breath!

S-90 Second Stage: Unparalleled Breathing Experience 🐠

The S-90 second stage introduces you to a compact, pneumatically balanced system that protects under extreme cold-water conditions.

  • Pneumatically Balanced System: This design decreases inhalation resistance, and increases smooth breathing in all conditions. Dive deeper, breath easier!
  • Venturi Adjustment Lever: With two selectable positions, reduce possible free flow when you're entering the water or on the surface, and maximise air flow during the dive. Control your breath, your way!

Features at a Glance

  • Balanced diaphragm first stage with anti-freeze system
  • Dry ambient pressure chamber - best for temperatures below 50Β°F/10Β°C
  • Ribbed section to amplify heat transfer and defy freezing
  • Two H.P. ports and Four L.P. ports, with two high flow for up to 15% increase in air flow

Dive Deeper, Dive Better 🌍

The Tusa RS790 Air System is designed for your comfort, durability, and top performance. Ready to transform your cold water diving experience? Don't wait, order the Tusa RS790 Air System today!