Tusa 2 Piece Gauge

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Measure with Precision: The Tusa 2 Piece Gauge - Your Dive Buddy! 🌊

Ensure complete peace of mind while exploring the watery depths with the Tusa 2 Piece Gauge. Equipped with industry-leading features and designed with the utmost accuracy in mind, this handy tool is an excellent companion for both beginners and seasoned divers.

Highly Accurate Pressure Gauge: Never Lose Track 🚫🎈

The Tusa 2 Piece Gauge comes with an accurate 5000psi/400bar (4350psi/300bar max) pressure gauge. This impressive feature ensures you're always aware of your remaining air pressure. Breathe easy and explore with confidence!

Maximum Depth Indicator & Temperature Gauge: Safety Meets Convenience βš“πŸŒ‘οΈ

The 200ft/60m depth gauge does more than just inform you of your current depth. It features a Maximum Depth Indicator, ensuring you're always aware of the deepest part of your dive, even after you ascend. This, along with a handy temperature gauge, ensures your diving experience is safe and worry-free.

Luminescent Light Storage Dials: Perfect for Low Visibility Conditions πŸŒšπŸ’‘

Designed for versatility, the Tusa 2 Piece Gauge features luminescent light storage dials. These provide bright and clear readability in dark or low-visibility conditions, making it perfect for night diving or exploring dark underwater landscapes. Best of all, it achieves this brilliance without the use of any radioactive materials.

Your Trustworthy Diving Partner

The Tusa 2 Piece Gauge is precision-engineered to the highest standards, delivering a level of quality that is second to none. So, why wait? Let the Tusa 2 Piece Gauge be your reliable diving partner for safer, more aware, and more enjoyable underwater adventures!