DX-6G Camera Basic Set

R 12,520.00

DX-6G Camera Basic Set

(Flashes, Strobes & Arms: Optional Extras)

- Rugged sports camera with depth rating of 14m/46ft and drop impact resistance of 1.6m/5ft
- U/W housing with depth rating of 55m/180ft
- Share the ultimate underwater moment.


* The 6G is an all-weather, rugged and reliable camera for all adventurers.
* Take it mountain climbing, skiing, fishing and scuba diving - boasting a depth rating of 14m/46ft and drop impact resistance of 1.6m/5ft.
* The camera will also function at temperature as low as -10℃/14°F.
* Equipped with macro mode. As close as 1cm/0.4inch to the subject.
* Enables you to bring the lens as close as 1cm/0.4inch to the subject without a close-up lens, enabling enlarged picture of a small objects.
* Equipped with Underwater Mode for optimum underwater photos and videos.
* This mode uses white balance optimised for underwater photos, making colours appear more natural by adding reds that tend to get lost in photos taken underwater.
Records High Definition video.
Records H264/30fps High Definition movie.
* As equipped with HDMI terminal(typeD),the camera can be connected to a television with ease.
* Comes with Macro ring diffuser as standard
Diffuses light from the built-in flash evenly, illuminating whole image when macro photo is taken.
* Wide-angle conversion lens x0.6. Can be attached and detached underwater.
* When the optional SS bayonet wide-angle conversion lens WCL06 is mounted, the angle of view will increase providing stunning images. When the bayonet mount is used, the lens can be attached and detached with ease, so as not to miss any critical shots.