ScubaPro SeaWing Nova Fin (Closed Heel)

R 2,325.00

ScubaPro SeaWing Nova Fins (CH)

The revolutionary technology of the SeaWing Nova is now available in a high-performance, full foot version.

Designed to set a new benchmark for single-polymer fins, the full Monprene construction uses carefully engineered ribs and plates to eliminate the need for thermoplastic panels. The result is an extremely durable fin that offers exceptional power, speed and manoeuvrability together with class-leading foot support and comfort.

The all new Ergo Fit features pronounced Power-Rails to provide a rigid, stable foot plate that prevents cramp and transfers all of the divers power to the fin blade. The toe-box has been widened to provide significantly better comfort at the front of the foot and the low-cut ankle and heel section prevents chaffing and blistering at the rear of the foot.

The SeaWing Nova full foot is the ideal fin for warm water divers who are not prepared to compromise on performance and durability.