Apeks XL4 Octopus

R 4,000.00

Apeks XL4 Octopus

Octo 2nd Stage

* Compact and lightweight second stage improves comfort and helps reduce jaw fatigue on long duration dives.

* High performance pneumatically balanced lever operated poppet valve.

* Large, over moulded self-flushing and controllable purge button.

* Ergonomic Venturi lever is easy to use and locate.

* Flexible nylon braided hose has better cold water performance than a traditional rubber hose.

* Standard metallic hose connection for interchangeability.

* Comfo-bite mouthpiece has a unique bridge that fits across the upper palate and does not require bite pressure to stay in place.

* Re-useable mouthpiece clip makes it simple to change mouthpieces in the field.

* Durable and flexible rubber exhaust tee provides excellent bubble diversion.