Apeks Egress Octopus

R 4,000.00

Apeks Egress Octopus

This innovative, low profile design minimizes drag. The pneumatically balanced valve provides superior performance for an alternate air source, making it a perfect complement to the high performing Apeks regulators.


* Unique 120˚ angle between the mouthpiece and the hose, which is ideal for sharing air with your buddy.

* Large purge – easy to use either way up.

* Can be routed over either shoulder.

* Low profile ensures less drag in water and keeps it close to the body out of the way.

* Bright colours ensure visibility in panic situations.

* Breathes smoothly when positioned right side up or upside down.

* High visibility 36” yellow hose distinguishes your Egress hose from your primary hose and is easily spotted in the event of an out-of-air emergency.

* If used with an unsealed first stage then it is only recommended for warm waters, but is suitable for cold water diving when used with any Apeks environmentally sealed first stage.